5 ADVANTAGES OF DIVIDEND INVESTING create a growing income stream that lasts a lifetime

1) The dividend income investor never has to worry about running out of money because they don't have to sell stocks to raise cash. If your stocks don't pay dividends, the only way you can get cash out of your portfolio is to sell shares. In a stock market correction you might run out of stocks to sell since you're selling your stocks at depressed prices.

2) If the dividend income investor lives off a portion of their dividends and reinvests the rest, their income will continue to increase as they grow older. This means they will have a financially secure retirement, no matter how long they live.

3) The dividend income investor is not affected by stock market volatility. Market volatility has no affect on their portfolio's ability to generate dividends. They only focus on their growing income stream. Their only concern is the reliability and sustainability of their dividend income.

4) The dividend income investor is no longer concerned with market research or trying to time their transactions. They methodically reinvest their dividends. In doing so, they take advantage of the snowball effect that is one of the most powerful forces in the world of investing.

5) We believe compounding dividends is the best way to generate a reliable and sustainable income stream that leads to financial freedom and a secure retirement. To reach these goals sooner invest in high-earning, high-yield dividend stocks. Read more about our ultra-high-yield portfolio under the REASONS TO SUBSCRIBE tab.